Monday, October 25, 2010

Long time no Blog...

It's been awhile, but again it's really hard to blog about the children without getting into the confidential stuff.  I am going to try my best to at least blog once a week about the goings on. (I did say "TRY" so don't get upset if it doesn't happen -- I apologize in advance.)

With the help of thera-play we are making progress on Bella's potty training issues, which apparently are not potty training issues, but the need to take control over a situation.  She gets mad, sad, or just plain confused she pees (and recently poops) her pants.  The therapist reccomeneded asking her what she was feeling when she soils herself, so I've been trying that.  Most often her response is "Cuzz I has to pee in da potty" but yesterday (during a time-out she wet herself) when asked she said "CUZZ I MAD!" Eureeka!! An answer!! An Answer!!  I thanked her for being honest and reminded her that even when she is mad she needs to go on the potty.  She repeated it "I go on potty"  Now, if we can get through the rest of this week without any daytime incidents I will give her back her big girl undies, but keep the pullups on for nighttime (till we get through that without any accidents).

Cindy is doing really well with "school", she LOVES doing her homework.  Her speech is still delayed, but we are working on her grammar and sentence structure.  I have difficulty teaching her "Kaa" vs. "Taa", but we got the "Saa" instead of "Taa" (any suggestions).

Of course, Aarron is amazing.. he is the cheekiest little guy I know.  We do have some news to report.. he had tubes put in two weeks ago, and the doc said that the mucus in his ears was REALLY bad.  They did another hearing test and he failed.. :(  He has moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears and will require hearing aids.  All in all he is healthy though.. at his last visit he weighed 19 lbs and 25 1/4 inches long (we are getting close to outgrowing the infant carrier.. but I am soo not ready to give it up (so we might get this when he hits 21lbs --> the Chicco KeyFit 30: it goes up to 30lbs and 30inches) .  We currently have the SafetyFirst Designer22 (don't worry I did my research through Consumer Reports before buying that carrier and selecting this new one -- Check out the Comparisson.. Amazingly the Designer22 got much better ratings than the more expensive and more common Graco SnugRide). 


  1. Love hearing the updates!

    Have you thought of a convertible car seat? I know you can't put it on a stroller, but they can rear face for a while still.

  2. I haven't gotten to use it yet, but that's the infant carrier we have for Wee Man. I'm sorry to hear that Aaron has hearing problems, but at least that's fixable. Good luck with the girls. Wish I had some advice for you!

  3. The last foster placement we had, one of the little girls had the same speech issues that your little girl has. We took her to a speech pathologist, and after 4 months of twice a week she was making significant process.

    Glad to hear how well the placement is going!

  4. I know this is somewhat of a late response, lol!
    We have the Chicco and LOVE it!! Only thing is we bought it right before they started the 30lb limit, DOH! So we have since changed little man over to a convertable. But I was sooo not ready to! He can't sit up right so it makes it very hard to take him shopping with me. Hence we sit at home ALL day now, lol!



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