Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The TRAIN is a'Coming!

As Foster Parents we are required to have a certain number of "in service training" hours per year.  These hourly requirements vary by state, county, and even agency. 

Here in the Mitten, we are required to have an initial 27.5 hours (I believe that is what it was.. it was soo long ago), for us that was filled by a 1.5 hour Orientation and our 26 hour PRIDE Training (the PRIDE Training was 2 full days of  video watching and group discussion, basically "role play" - what would you do if that happened to you?) and the intial training is followed by 6 additional hours annually of in service training per parent.  Training can be on anything.. there are numerous websites, books, seminars, events that a Foster Parent can attend to complete their in service training.  Typically, you'd want to pick topics that you KNOW you may encounter someday, on a general basis they would include:

  • Parenting Strategies (for Foster Parents and Biological Parents)
  • Behavoir Management
  • Emotional Issues
  • Medical Issues
  • Developmental Issues
I hope to further my knowledge, and yours (whether you like it or not.. hahahaha!!), by posting more information about these topics (if any of you would like to contribute by being a Guest Blogger.. please email me at

With respect to Medical Issues, Jenny Frank at Spectrum Blog recently forwarded this article.  If you don't get over to read it, I'll give you the Readers.Digest --> The Kennedy Krieger Institute  is a Foster Care Agency in Baltimore, Maryland.  They specifically deal with children who have difficult medical needs, and provide specialized training to help foster parents meet those needs.  Many of people consider becoming foster parents or respite homes, but are unsure if you have the tools to meet the needs of the child(ren).  With appropriate training and support, like this agency providees, anyone who has the desire can become an amazing resource to children whom otherwise wouldn't have a safe, stable, and loving environment.

P.S. Don't forget to tell me what product you would like me to review!!

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  1. I've had some free time this afternoon and have been looking @ The BlogRoll at Stirrup Queens. I really love your blog. Can we be friends? :) Your blog is way cooler than mine, and all, but I need other people out there to who "get it."

    :) Just trying to make a connection! I LOVE your "There are differences" post, as well!




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