Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Remember my Veggie-torture-Tale?

If not, here is this post...  Toddlers and Food [bangs head]

oh and this one... Laying it all out on the table

On a positive note we have gotten past the salad woes with both girls, heck even "A"arron will eat it!  And during the summer salad is a STAPLE in our house.  Its way too hot to cook, so once a week we have salad.  I've even added sunflower seeds to it and the girls love that.. although have a tendency to pick out certain things to eat first (not the typical way to eat a salad, but whatever works).

Although, a few weeks ago I made strawberry salad.  I love strawberry salad.  But, yah this was soo not a hit with "C"indy.  She refused to even try it.. seriously?!?  Salad with strawberries in it.. strawberries?!? She LOVES, ADORES, GOBBLES DOWN strawberries.. but wouldn't touch the salad. 

On the other hand my little "B"ella.. the one who can become unable to use her limbs when uninterested in a task or meal.. ate it faster than I have ever seen her eat a salad (oh.. well that might be because I give her a spoon and a fork for all of her meals now.. I figure if one is too hard to use, she has the other.. and its working well).  Sometimes the fork is just too hard for her to use, still (yes, she will be 4 in a short period of time.. but foster children are different.. sometimes they have delays, most often it is in the emotional/social skill are, but they can have delays in their motor skills too.  basically even though they are 4, they could be emotionally 2.. its hard to remember when you are staring at a 4 year old.. that she is stuck as a 2 year old -- but this a topic for another post).

So now onto sumthing new with veggies.. "B"ella REFUSES to eat broccoli.. simply flat out refuses.. her entire body goes limp at the sight of it.  So I have  new recipe to try.. THE BEST BROCCOLI OF YOUR LIFE.. apparently it is soo good people have said its better than steak!  We'll see!!


  1. Replies
    1. We have not tried broccoli soup, but we did do broccoli quiche.. as soon as she saw the green in it.. it was OVER. But she likes califlower.. go figure.



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