Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are you Inspired...

No this isn't one of THOSE POSTS.. or even one of THESE POSTS you know the kind.. when I try and drag you aboard your crazy train.. the "All Aboard to Foster Care Central" types of posts.  It's actually about inspiration and maybe even a little bit of jealousy (oh.. its such an evil word.. but honestly I think it can be a BIG MOTIVATOR!

Take for instance.. redecorating. I was inspired by a fellow foster mom [well shall refer to her as G], who posted pics of her room for her soon to be foster children. G’s children’s room was AMAZING.. colorful hand painted dressers.. just COLOR everywhere. I was reminded of “C”indy’s and “B”ella’s room.. it has color, blue, gray and green (we bought a model home, remember… so this room was the “Boy’s Room” it has geometric shapes on the walls.. interesting for a kids room.. for a boy’s room.. but we have two girlie girls.. where’s the pink?!?!).. I was JEALOUS (icky), but MOTIVATED!

I bought new comforters (full size bed in a bag sets for $25.. SCORE!)… a hanging hammock for their stuffed animals… and wall decals (awesomesauce! They stick to the wall, but don’t take the paint off, easy for redecorating)! I also painted their dresser with some leftover paint.  I really want to get them bunk beds, but we decided that could wait a while longer. So here is the after picture…

Are you inspired? Or even a little jealous?

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