Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ah Ha...

She's here... I started spotting yesterday afternoon. And woke up with a full blown new cycle. There is always that part of me that wishes she wouldn't come and then there is the realistic side knows she will... eventually she'll show up... it seems as though it never fails. After 1 cycle of Clomid, 3 Natural IUI cycles, 2 medicated IUI cycles, 1 Fresh IVF cycle and 1 Frozen IVF cycle... I know she'll come. It's disheartening to say the least, but as I said before, at least time we are the road to adoption... so even if I do get my period every cycle from here till menopause... I'll still be a mom.

So here is to the first night with my new sleeping companion, The OV Watch. I let you know how it goes tomorrow. And I post a pic of my Fertility Friend Chart and the watch (oh FF updated their system to include the watch as an ovulation monitor - how sweet is that?).

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

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