Friday, November 6, 2009

So what.. I'm a wee bit CrAzY

Yes, I am a "wee bit" crazy... I am really excited to start using the OV Watch (you wear it to bed and it tells you when your 6 most fertile days are.. no more peeing on sticks and trying to figure out if the stupid lines are the same color)... but I have to wait for this cycle to end. Normally my cycle averages about 25 days...

Well, here I am anxiously awaiting the start of my cycle and yet Mother Nature is NO WHERE to be found. Why is it that when you want that witch to come she always, always shows up late... or when you're wearing white?

I also know that we are in the process of the adoption thing but that could ..take years and considering that "everything is in good working order" other than the fact than the fact that I have a brick wall for a cervix because of the cervical stenosis (partial or total narrowing of the cervix, which can lead to obstruction)... so why not "try" while we are in the "waiting game". We figure it doesn't hurt to keep trying.. I just refuse to get back into the drama of it all. I am not going to worry about what my temps are doing, or what my cervical mucus looks like, or where my cervix is.. we'll just use the watch and have sex.. yes I used the "s" word. Oh and for those of you wondering.. No I will not pee on a stick! I am not taking a home pregnancy test.. especially considering that I have been known to have 35 day cycles every so often. I really do plan on relaxing this time round, because I know that if it doesn't happen, we are already working on the adoption.


  1. I've never hear of the OV watch. interesting!

  2. krystal, u'll have check out the link... it seems quite stress-free and even a bit high-tech! i'll let u know how it goes with this upcoming cycle.. if it ever starts!!



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