Monday, November 23, 2009

We Live in a Zoo...

So, we have 3 dogs (two Sheltie Mixes and a Coon Hound <-- we adopted him in January to save him from being euthanized). And now we can add to the menagerie: a puppy, an elephant and a turtle!

Actually, we are lucky enough to have my parents, 3 of my 4 foster brothers, P.'s older sister, her husband, and our neice coming for Thanksgiving. And because we have family coming to visit, I decided it'd be fun to learn how to make Towel Origami (those towel animals on the cruise ships).

Here are the creations:

A Puppy!
An Elephant!
A Turtle!

The names of the animals include links to the YouTube videos I used to create the Towel Animals.. if anyone is interested in learning. You can also search YouTube by typing "how to make a towel animal" or "Towel Origami".. they have a variety of videos that teach you how to make Rabbits, Swans, Ducks, Mokeys, Seals, and even a simple Folded Shirt. You can add sunglasses or chocloates for the features of the animals (eyes, nose, and buttons).


  1. So cute, Maddie. Great job! Have a yummy Turkey Day :)

  2. Thanks Kate.. if you're ever as bored as I was check out the videos and you too can create your own zoo. :D

  3. How awesome! What a nice surprise for your guests.

    Thanks for the nice words over my way also. Happy Turkey day and ICLW!



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