Friday, December 4, 2009

Just for fun....

I am not sure how much belief I put in this type of stuff... but just for fun a friend on one of the online communities I belong to did soem Tarrot Card readings.

This was her response: "Hi Maddie, I got some pretty overwhelming images about you even before I began to draw. I kept seeing you holding a child and this amazing smile on your face. The card I drew is the card of victory and confidence - accomplishment of an ambition. I tried to figure out if that was meaning naturally or by adoption, but for some reason it just blurs when I try to focus. In any event, I feel strongly that you are going to be a mommy one way or the other, and an amazing one at that. It actually made me tear up a little to see you so happy in my mind... I drew another card and it was urgency - things will happen quickly or progress continuously. I sure hope that you can get your biological child, but either way it looks like you will be a mommy! GL!!"

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