Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, I had some spotting yesterday afternoon... Perfect.. Spotting at 9dpo according to the OV Watch. UMMM.. NOPE. AF (Aunt Flow, my period, the Witch) arrived for her very regular monthly visit. So, either my LP is totally out of whack (which I seriously doubt) or the OV Watch was absolutely wrong about my O date. I'd love to share the disgusting details of what AF consists of... but I spare you the visual. The last time I had an AF like this, the OB/GYN stated that it sounded like a pregnancy lining and then she made me take a pregnancy test (it was negative). I figure that if AF is seriously short (like I don't have any spotting tomorrow) then I'll test on Sunday and see what happens. Most likely the watch was off and I O'd earlier than what it predicted.
Oh well.. onto another cycle.. and then onto adoption. Just one step at a time.. one small step at a time.. taking deep breaths along the way. Its the only to make it through this life.

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