Tuesday, December 8, 2009


After having my Tarrot Card read and it showing a somewhat positive sign of creating out family, I decide to try out this online psychic. Cheri gives predictions about TTC and pregnancy and it only costs 10 bucks through paypal (a link to the website is in the blog title). I figured what the heck do I have to lose.. I've wasted 10 bucks on worse things before. Anyway here's the reading...

Cheri, thank you for your response. I look foward to reading your predictions. My current status is that my husband and I have been ended our fertility treatments (IUI and IVF) and are possibly pursing adoption, while continuing to TTC naturally. We have never been pregnant. I am hoping to find out if we will concieve a child or be given this gift through adoption and a possible of timeline.

Hi Maddie

Thanks for being patient wtih me while I got back to your reading. I see you guys being able to pursue adoption quite easily. Although they will make you do a mountain of paperwork and stress you out, they show you being able to hold a baby boy in your arms. They are bouncing around in regards to his month connection and its harder to work that out as I am unsure if they are trying to provide a timeline in regards to when he was conceived, when he will be born or when he is in your arms. I have a feeling though that he is on his way, which means conceived already and they connect to November. I get the feeling you will have him within three months of his birth.. (or could be that he is due in November, on his way to be conceived and you will h ave him by JAN - 2011).. I wish I could give you a better timeline but having a really hard time sorting that out. I do know that he is from a young unmarried couple... they show between 17-23 and not able to look after him. (they both live at home or with help from their parents)... I see him being born around the 6lbs 13oz range and a natural birth. Hes a cuddly sort too and will really take to you.

As for naturally ttc, they show you guys taking a break.. they show 2 years when your daughter (conceived naturally) shows up. They show her related to august so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in. I See you getting into a more herbal connection just before her conception and drinking some sort of drink. (like a berry concoction or something that is good for you and healthy).

She looks like you, mild temperament, a bit shy at times, but certainly knows how to throw a tantrum and try and get her way... or to be assertive in a situation where there is obviously no clear leader and one is needed desperately!

Let me know if you have any questions
Best Wishes

I don't think I can complain about that reading... the thing that gets me is that our state has a 6-10 week waiting period (post birth) for the adoption to finalized... pretty close to her 3 month mark.

I'll be interested in seeing if it comes true!! And be honest with me.. am I totally insane for believing one bit of this?

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  1. I know you wrote this quite a while ago, but I don't think you are crazy for believing this. I agree, it was a great reading!



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