Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why is it a competition??

I get these email updates from a, because yah I am a "new" mom.  I still get confused about what the baby can / can not eat.  Anyway, I stumbled across this article today "Working moms spare 81 minutes a day for Kids?" (Rebuttal to Article). This article is addressing the statements made in the another article "Working mothers spend 81 minutes a day looking after their children" (Article).

Seriously?!?  That is all the time I spend with the children?  Hmmm I doubt that... let me add it up.  An hour and 21 minutes a day?  It can't be right.  And by "time" what the heck did the article mean?  To this I say PHOOEY!!  Yup you read that right PHOOEY (as I stick my tongue out at the Article).  I am baffled by this.  I read further into the article and supposedly stay at home mothers only spend 2 1/2 hours caring for their children.  Again.. SERIOUSLY!?!?  What the heck is this article trying to prove... no matter what kind of mother you are.. you are still doing a lousy job with spending time with your children?  It's just not possible, that we spend that little time with our children.  Or is it?

For me.. I "believe" (notice the quotes) I spend at least 2 hours a day with the children.  I will concede that our morning routine is not time spent together but rather me getting them ready and getting myself ready.  But we talk during dinner prep and on our car rides to and from daycare.  We cuddle during cartoon watching or reading books.  But is this article talking about "quality" time.. if so.. explain to me what that is.  Because from my understanding.. if the children aren't being ignored and are in your presence.. isn't that quality time.

So come on.. confess.. how much time do you spend with your wee little ones?


  1. Sadly, most days, I would say this is correct! In the morning we "spend" together no more than 20 minutes. That includes the drive to school, me doing their hair, and me watching them brush their teeth.

    Then after they get home from daycare around 5:30 (give or take) we spend time eating, reading, then bedtime is 7:00. That 1.5 hours before bed is not spent with them though. I do laundry, clean the kitchen, check over homework etc. So we will split the difference and say I spend 20 minutes in the AM and 1 hour at night.

    80 minutes...... boy do I feel like I am a sucky parent!

  2. That's ridiculous!

    Let's see, time with Griff...Well, starting around 6am when he wakes up, I change him, get him dressed, feed him and burp him, then we play for a bit, then he takes a quick snooze before "school" while I throw some clothes on and get his bottles and food ready for the day, then when he wakes up he may need changed and/or fed again, and then we head out. All of that time I am also playing with him, talking to him, singing to him, letting him explore various things like an extra diaper or his socks before I put them on him. I usually get him to school and am pulling away around 9am, so that's 3 hours right there. I talk and sing to him in the car as well.

    Then there's the evenings after work. B takes care of him while I cook since he's too little to be in the kitchen with me while I'm cooking, but after that we play, eat, read, snuggle, etc until 7 and then get ready for bed, which includes more reading, snuggling, feeding, singing, rocking.

    And then there's the middle of the night wake ups, including much of the same.

    Even though throughout all of this, I am doing things other than simply playing or letting him play, it's absolutely quality time in my book! Furthermore, kids do need some time on their own to learn to play by themselves.



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