Friday, January 21, 2011

Back to the Beginning

I was one of those "typical" teenage girls, I believed EVERYTHING that health education taught me about the Production of Reproduction!  Which was basically.. if you had sex, even if you were on birth control and using condoms and any and all other forms of contraception out there (with or without a perscription).. you WOULD get PREGO!   I was so fearful of pregnancy, that at 17 [GASP] I was still a virgin -- not having a boyfriend might have played a role in that as well, but that is another topic for another day.  Maybe I was naive or it wasn't discussed, but to my knowledge/memory there were only (from my graduating class) 3 girls out of 352 total students (who graduated) idk what the number of girls are in that total, but lets go with half... so 3 out of 126 = 2% of the class had a child while in high school. 

I don't know why the sudden media addtion over teenage pregnancy, but geez is it annoying???  From my perspective it is glamourizing the topic, it is perpetuating the idea that pregnancy is easy and so is parenting.  I have experience with both those.. and matter of factly.  It is not.  Neither is easy.  And I could not imagine getting pregnant or having a child as a teenager (for those that have done it and done it well.. you are amazing women, with soo much strength that I am proud to know you).

I do know that our current method of teaching Sex.Ed isn't working, or maybe it could be working but the media has gotten hold of our teens and given them the idea that pregnancy will make you famous.  I mean it worked for the Octo.Pie! And all those Adolescent Momma's out there.. they are getting way more than their 15 minutes of fame.  The Pregnancy.Pact got its own "Made 4 Telie" movie.  Of course even more publicity is being made over the Mempis Momma Madness. 

What is this teaching our teens? Our sons, our daughters? 
Have a baby, the media moguls will pick up the tab. 

When the reality is, that they won't pick up the tab...  you are their cash cow.

I think there could be less "accidental pregnancies" (as if.. I mean seriously it's like a 20% chance to get pregnant each cycle with PERFECTLY timed intercourse!).  If we were actually taught about our reproductive systems.. you know the SHOW and all those BOOGARS!!  We need more fertility awareness to help with the struggle with inferility and the teen pregnancy drama.

P.S. Thanks Hannah, for the idea.. sometimes we just need to RANT!

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  1. Perhaps the reason why we were scared to death to have unprotected sex was the flour babies or that nasty sex ed. video! LOL I still find it frightening. Remember how when it was flour baby time people around town would even ask. "Where is your baby?" Really, how did they know it was my turn to have one? I swear NKHS has a flour baby alert that notified every resident. LOL Mine survied staying home alone for an entire weekend. HAHA!



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